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2015-07-28 12:19:07 by LadyArsenic


Hi guys! It's been a while. 

So the awesome legendary Hyptosis is making a new epic RPG called Wolfsong, and I'm gonna be the lead composer for it! It's going to be barrels of fun when it gets released, but we're gonna need your help.

See, we've been greenlit by Steam which is always awesome, but our Kickstarter isn't doing so hot. We'd love for the game to be as epic as it deserves to be. So stop on by, look at what you're gonna get, and donate today! Links are below. If you can't donate and still want to help, just show your friends. 

Thanks always for reading, and I hope you're as ridiculously excited about this as I am~ ! 


<3 Lady A 


Steam Page ->

Kickstarter ->

New multi video series for Orga Dies at the End! Check it out!



Brand new episode with a brand new story! Come join the madness that is Orga Dies at the End! 



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Orga Dies - Episode 5!

2014-08-06 20:20:23 by LadyArsenic

Fifth and final episode of the series! Check it out!



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Orga Dies - Episode 4!

2014-07-31 11:37:45 by LadyArsenic

Watch it, fools!!! 



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Orga Dies - Episode 3!

2014-07-24 02:44:03 by LadyArsenic

Moving right along!



Orga Dies - Episode 2!

2014-07-16 18:54:21 by LadyArsenic

Awww shit guys, new episode is out!! 



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I'm in a Let's Play series!!!!!

2014-07-10 18:04:57 by LadyArsenic

That's right! One of my favorite friends Orga and I have concocted a brand new Let's Play series! Instead of videogames, however, we're doing a very unique Let's Play of choose-your-own adventure books! Check us out! 



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Shit Got Real.

2014-04-03 16:33:30 by LadyArsenic

Ohhhh yeah.


Guess what guys.


I have a REAL library now! Woopwoop! 

I can finally make stuff and not sound like crap! It's a good day. 


I hope you guys have stuck with me long enough to be able to truly hear me shine! I'll try not to disappoint. <3 


Love you! 





2013-10-29 16:06:43 by LadyArsenic

Hey kids!

I haven't been on Jewgrounds in an eternity and a half, sorry about that. Life, stuff, insert bad excuse here.

I just want you fantastic guys to know that I'm collaborating with this guy, RyeGuyHead and he's totally badass. You should really check out some of his work and what we've been collaborating! It's fun to be back in the game again.

Check out our first collab here! -> Uncertainty

Keep listening!

<3 Mandi