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LadyArsenic's News

Posted by LadyArsenic - March 7th, 2008

Heyyyyy guys!
^ ^ Lady Arsenic here with another rip-roaring boring-as-hell section about how my pathetic little life is going! Woooo!
So today these guys in geometry class were trying to cheat off my answers, but whenever I'm under that kind of pressure I kind of spazz and give out all the wrong answers, so I guess the joke's on them. Heh, I'll have to take that test over again, the stress just made it way too hard for my little ADHD brain.
ANYWHO... um... bubbletrumps is a funny word! =D
So I'm going to be entering this competition tomorrow (OMGZWTFBBQPPL, WSH ME LUXORZ), and I'm hoping to win something out of it. There's a fair chance, my teacher says. But anywho, yeah, good times and whatnot.
I dropped a piece of orange into my friend's chocolate milk carton today, and when we poured it back out it looked kind of like a kitten fetus (?) .
My substitute teacher's favorite wrestler is Rey Mysterio. =DDDD (mine is too)!!!
I can't wait to go to Europe with my cousin... It's going to be so amazing. We just paid off our final dues, so we're definitely going now (<33333!!!). I can't wait to see my cousin in general, it's been months and months. We got a new game splitting the money from my birthday (Dark Alliance: Baulder's Gate II. We've been looking for it for years), and we promised not to play it until I got to his house. He also goes to a magnet school, and his teacher wants to meet me, so I can't wait for that either! It's going to be great visiting him again. Last time I went (Christmas), I got really really sick (I had a fever that went up to 103.7) and had to spend a lot of the time sleeping. So yeah, that wasn't so wonderful.
Anywho, that's about it. ^ ^ See you in the next episode of Lady Arsenic's Boring Life!

Posted by LadyArsenic - February 22nd, 2008

Hey guys, Lady Arsenic here, unfortunately bringing bad news.
I made it to All State, as I've told you before. I gathered my money and stayed up all night waiting for the trip to the beach. Well, about a week ago I developed a really bad allergy attack, and even with medicine I've been so congested and coughing that I was afraid I might not be able to even go. It all cleared up a few days ago, just before I was going to leave for All State.
I was so excited and ready to go to the beach (I had never been there in this area before), and perform with singers with the same abilities as myself, and couldn't wait. Yesterday was the 3-day trip, and everything was beautiful. I had reached my dream to go to All State. I made it in my first and final try (I don't have the opportunity to do it next year). I was going strong through the day with rehearsal after rehearsal, but by the time night rehearsal my voice crashed. I had coughing fits every 10 minutes. Everything I'd worked so hard for to get better slowly crumbled, and left me without mercy. The next morning, I came to morning rehearsal, hoping to make up for what I had done the prior night, and the director called me up to the podium and permanently dismissed me from the choir because of my "health condition."
In a nutshell, folks, I reached my dream as a reward for everything I had worked so hard for to get kicked out of the choir and go back home. I learned the music, I studied hard, and then when the time came to reap what I sewed, I got sent home empty-handed.
Anyway, I'm not complaining, but only informing all of you that for the remainder of the day and possibly a little while afterwards I am going to be bitter as hell and in a terrible mood.
Thank you all for listening.
-Lady Arsenic

Posted by LadyArsenic - February 18th, 2008

More random thoughts from your ailing addiction! <3

Sooo yeah, Winter Break has officially started here. ^_^ I are most happy about that. I get to rest my voice and body, and hopefully heal before All-State.
For all you WWF fans, I found out what Matt Hardy's hand gesture means, and it's very dirty! >=( (I used to think that Matt Hardy was the hottest man alive. Edge too.)
Ah! That reminds me, American Gladiators is on tonight! *Jumps around excitedly* It's the finals! <333
If anyone's heard of a band called Black Stone Cherry, I like them. ^_^ They make some nifty music. They make this song called Lonely Train, and it is a goodie!
So the whole Europe trip is on the rocks. We're not racking up the money we wanted, and I'm afraid we'll have to do a lot of pinching and squeezing in order to make this work... In the meantime, I'm trying out my new sewing machine, and soon will be making my Renaissance Festival costume and some cute sun dresses to wear to France. Let's face it, I can't find a single dress out there that fits me right anymore. *Sigh* My cursed curves! *Shakes fist* They have to be so unnaturally dramatic!
So yesterday was interesting. For a comic I'm writing, I had to look up the word "Sodomy" so I could write in the exact definition. XDDD Yes, you heard me right. Sodomy. Don't ask, won't tell.
I've come to a conclusion: 3 Days Grace isn't so bad after all. =) You men have just been blessed.
I need someone to cuddle. =( Cuddling is warm and comforting and wonderful.
Aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye... Yes yes yes?
So I'm reading some poetry by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow... What a name, huh? I'll bet the pen was his only friend. =(
I like his poetry though, it's very optimistic.
Alright, well, I think I'm all talked out. I'm kind of bored anyway.
Catch you guys later! <3

Posted by LadyArsenic - February 14th, 2008

I am now officially one year less awesome than I was before! >=(

XD Ah, I don't mind so much. In a nutshell, today is my birthday! Woooo! I am now 17 years old (society ALMOST loves me!). Yup, Valentine's Day... I fought as hard as I could through the day of watching many a floozy get teddy bears bigger than them and enough balloons to fly away on, and of course at school I got a damned box of chocolate from my neighbor, and I don't even eat chocolate. >=(
Ah well. I'm not so into material stuff anyway. It's just aggrivating sometimes to see the wrong people getting everything they want. But anyway, sorry for not being so in the spirit, I'm really really sick right now (yeah, sick on my birthday. It sucks ASS). I'm seriously hoping it's just an allergy attack. Everything is revolving around my sinuses, so it really well could be. But today at one point when I was blowing my nose, I went completely DEAF. Like, deaf as a doorknob. It was terrible.
So anywho, thank you so much for writing the song, MaestroRage (I didn't look at it yet. I want to hear it with you there). I'm sure it will be astoundingly beautiful, as all of your songs always are.
Goodbye, guys, happy Valentine's Day, go have fun and give your floozy a big ol' present just for me!

With love,
Lady Arsenic <3

Posted by LadyArsenic - February 2nd, 2008

Hello again, everyone! ^ ^

Okay, so I think I've come to the conclusion that almost everything with a penis is pure evil, with few exceptions (for those exceptions, you are most thanked and appreciated. ^_^ ).
I guess every girl must realize that before they hit their twenties.. *Shrugs* Ah well, at least I can be evil back, nyahahahahah! ... Ahem... > >;
(( ^^^^^^^ That was a total lie; a certain somebody said my evil face was cutely pathetic...^^^^^^^^^ ))
Anyway... A friend of mine told me he's getting me a chocobo for my birthday. I have no idea what he's talking about, but I guess I'll find out sooner or later. I mean, I know what a chocobo is, of course, but I don't know what he means by giving me one. He said it was the one without Mexican banditos underneath its nipples, so I guess it's one of the safer ones. o_O;
I've also come to the conclusion that I am a total crybaby. I was watching The Green Mile tonight and gave myself a headache because I was crying. XD
Seriously though, I don't think anyone can withstand how cruelly sad that movie and book is. In my book at least, it's impossible.
... > >; Then again, Edward Scissorhands made me cry when I watched it too...
... ... So did Gladiator... ...
....... D'=< Shut up!
ANYWAY... I think I'm going to start making my own clothes. Nothing seems to really match my style as myself, so I guess I'm going to have to stop relying on stores to make it for me. >=D To the sewing machine I go!
Besides, HOW embarrassing will it be if I went to Paris wearing the same thing as someone else (<<==== Totally not going to happen! =D)!
I found out that when I go to Germany I have to visit Dachau... =( That's going to be very very unpleasant for me.
(Damn being sensitive...)
=D But Notre Dame's worth it!!!!
Anyway, I'm outta here, just updating all of you who actually care to respond on what goes on in my frivelous little life.
Bai bai, friends! <3

With love,
Lady Arsenic <3

Posted by LadyArsenic - January 27th, 2008

La lee lee lee laaa....

So anyway, my birthday's coming up soon. No longer will I be the 16-year-old prodigy but... *GASP* The SEVENTEEN-year-old prodigy!!!!!
I'm getting too old to be amazing now.
Anyway, you people have plenty of time to word how to congratulate this untimely disaster, my birthday is on February 14th, yes, Valentine's Day. ... You know, it really kind of sucks. You see a bunch of floozies with giant teddy bears and boxes of candy and balloons and flowers (and we're talking all of this PER floozie), and they didn't even do anything to deserve it. Now, I'm not the most popular gal in school, since I'm a freak for classical music and anime (it especially doesn't help when you live in a town full of country bumpkins ~_~; ), so very few friends who actually remember my birthday give me those cutsie little cards that cost like 30 cents at the Wal Mart. I think it's wonderful, but I still have that ever-yearning envy... ENVYYYY... >=(
But anyway, yeah, it will be nice if people wish me a happeh birthdeh on teh Valentine's Deh. I'll love you forever! ;o;
Aside from that... I'm randomly making some comics here and there, hither and thither, blah blah blah... Yeah, it's okay. =3 I like my random comics.
Why does school lunch taste so horrible?
I'm making an ultra-schmexy pirate wench costume for Rennaissance Festival! =D It's gonna be wonderful.
Like, seriously, I designed it, and now I'm going to sew it as soon as the sewing machine gets fixed. It's going to be the bestest EVAH
I think I'm going to have an Alice in Wonderland tea party for my birthday party. XD I'll tell all my friends to dress up in their frilliest of attire and wear silly hats only, and we'll have tea and crumpets and sing the Merry Unbirthday song. =D It's cheap and wonderful!
=( I wish I liked cake more. I just don't like sweet food that much, I guess. Never really did, to be honest.
That's why I hate it when people give me those nasty little candy hearts or boxes of chocolates for my birthday/valentine gift. I don't ever eat 'em! >=( What a waste
If I were to pick any Greek Mythology creature/figure in the world I think I'd pick Circe. She was pretty cool.
Who else thinks Binky is a name that never should have existed?
I'm getting tired of this, I think I'll just post again some other time. XD I'm all talked out.
Bye guys! <3

Posted by LadyArsenic - January 23rd, 2008

Alriiight, so the world according to Lady Arsenic:

I got accepted to All-State!!!!! *Jumps up and down excitedly* I'm so relieved, this was the only chance I had to ever go and I made it! Not only that, but I'm the first Junior in my highschool ever to have made it in! YesyesyesyesYES!!! Hard work does pay off!!! ^_______^ Hmmm!
Anyway, with that out of the way and all ranted over, I am up to my neck in music studying, and I can't wait to start writing more songs with my wonderful collaborator, MaestroRage.
Ahaaa, that reminds me! Last night he told me quite some interesting news! The song that we're currently constructing is going to be turned into a FLASH ANIMATION. That is the best news I've heard all year! I almost danced in excitement when I saw it, but instead decided to jump around since dancing broke my ankle last time. So that's going to be completely AMAZING! But it also means releasing our song will have to be delayed, blah blah blah yip yip yip. Maybe we'll write other songs while we wait, I'm not sure. But that's the coolest news ever ever ever.
So friends at the lunch table... Heh, it's like a random sitcom every day, I swear. We've decided to blame everything that turns up missing on Carmen SanDiego, since she's a liable suspect. Then there was a big fight in the lunch room, and we were trying to make up a story on why it happened. o_O; I don't think any of us were right (one guy said something about having a baby riding a tiger with a pistol being involved).
I can't wait to see my cousin again. Europe is going to be so fabulous. ^o^
My hands are FREEZING...
I found a dead squirrel the other day, so I buried it.
I found out that a friend of mine is related to Kane, the pro wrestler (Simply awesome!). She's his second cousin.
So yeah, I'm all talked out. I'm going to go learn some more music (woooo...)!

With love,
Lady Arsenic <3

Posted by LadyArsenic - January 9th, 2008

Holy HELL, when did I make it on the top songs list!? I almost screamed when I saw that! Oh GOD, that's so incredibally exciting (I don't care if everyone else has had this, it's an honor to me)! WOO!
This is the first time I've made top anything since I won that talent show when I was 5 years old. This... This is INCREDIBLE. Maybe now I'll get recognized for once! GLEE! I can't get over that!! <333
For those who actually cared to listen to my song, thank you so much, you're all amazing, each and every one of you, and I love you!
Anyway... Getting back into formal mode here...
Um, my slump is over, now that I have a new collaberating project with my good collaberator and friend, MaestroRage, and we're getting ready to blow you guys away. Get ready!
As far as all the sadness and stuff goes, well, I'm still slightly sad, but I'm trying my absolute hardest to conquer the problem that's making me sad (seeing my name on the list of top songs... wow... that really brightened my mood SO much!), and I'm working hard to live on the bright side.
But other than that, I don't have much to say, so I'm going to get back to work! Thank you all again so much, this is like the happiest career day of my life, and you made it all so! Mmmwah! I love you all!

- Lady Arsenic <3

Posted by LadyArsenic - January 5th, 2008

So... Yeah... I guess life is going okay.

You know, being an artist isn't always fun. I guess neither is being a critic, but who's to say? I think being a food critic would be fun, though all of them are probably really fat. Still, who doesn't like food? Anyway... It's lonely being a classical artist and opera singer when you're in a really hick town where no one appreciates it. It kind of weeds out a lot of opportunities on friends. Eh, maybe it's just me. A lot of people tell me I'm delusional and always think I'm right. That's not really true though, I know when I'm wrong, and I say I'm sorry.
Sorry isn't really good enough these days, is it? Has anyone but I noticed that? When you say you're sorry, it just kind of bounces off, no matter how sincere. I don't like being wrong or sorry, but when I know I have to be I am. But nowadays, that doesn't even matter. It's like when you do something wrong they'd rather have revenge than an apology. Please, someone tell me.. Is it just me, or the people I'm hanging around with? I don't like it much at all.
On a lighter note, I have some money in the bank and already paid my first submission to my program abroad. Time is passing by slowly.. I applied for about 10 jobs now, and I haven't heard back from a single one. I really need one if I want to go to Europe.
My head kind of hurts.
I don't mean to ramble on like this, but I really need to get a few things out of my system. I don't like it when people are mean, and a lot of people have been lately. For those who have been nice and helped me, you know who you are, and thanks for being such good friends and people.
I think my future may just contain friends who are artistic. I can't really keep friends in any other places, because they expect complete devotion and 100% of my time, which I can't give them. Besides, I hate talking on the phone. It's just so dumb, and it eats up your money.
Maybe a nap will make my head feel better.
In a nutshell, boys and girls, Miss Arsenic's life has momentarily got her down. Don't worry or anything, it's not like I'm suicidal or mutilate or anything. XD
I'm just going to probably pout for a while and seek laughter and open ears. In the meantime, I'm going to try to continue submitting some new music. Try is the keyword, I've got serious writer's block at the moment.
You know... I could really go for watching an episode of Roseanne. I'll try to keep that in mind. She always makes me laugh, don't ask why. She's just funny and kind of reminds me of my mom. ^_^
I'll be around. If anyone's interested, feel free to chat with me here or on AIM. I'm always ready for mindless chit-chat or a new friend.

In the meantime, all of you stay beautiful ^ ^

- Lady Arsenic <3

Posted by LadyArsenic - November 22nd, 2007

Hey everyone, it's been quite a while since I last updated and let you know how I am. Not that I have a lot of fans or anything, but hopefully one day that will change!
Anyway, speaking of which, I have some VERY exciting news for you and myself too! It's going to change me into a very busy girl (not that it hasn't already), but I'm doing my best. I have been accepted into All-State chorus! This changed history for my highschool, so a lot of people are really proud of me. My school opened just last year, so it's brand new. Not only was I the only junior to enter, but it was my very first time ever applying for All-State. And not only did I audition on the hardest level, but I exceeded the score.
This is how scoring works in All-State: the lower your score is, the better you did. You start out with a 10, and judging by how many mistakes you make on the trial, the score raises. Well, I'm a Soprano I as you all know, and that's the hardest section to get in to (there are lots and lots of sopranos that enter), so the cutoff score is HARD. I think last year it was 12.5. Anyway, this year the cutoff score was a little easier. It was 14, and I got a 13. Yes, it was a close cut, but I did it!

Anyway, that's not the ONLY news. Oh no. My cousin is a chorus nerd like myself, and he got accepted into this chorus that was built from the entire North-Eastern area of the USA that studies music abroad. Well, his mother, my aunt, told them ALL about me (I'm stuck in the deep south for now, so that's why I didn't audition myself). She told them about my G7, perfect pitch, and my impressive All-State story. These people actually held a spot for me! This, to me, was the most astonishing. These people are from New England. They've seen talent before, and they know what it is, and yet here they are, never having seen me or heard my voice or ANYTHING, and they were so impressed that they held a position for me and begged me to join! So I am a part of this crew. That's not even the cool part.

This chorus studies abroad, right? Well, studying abroad means that we'll be going to a different country or continent, riiight? Well! We are going to EUROPE. That's right, freaking Europe! How cool is that!!!!!
We'll be going to France, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, and Switzerland! We'll actually have one free day to ourselves in Paris. Shopping in Paris. That's the coolest EVER. I'm extremely excited, and I really can't wait! We have to raise, like, $3000, but I'm going to do everything I possibly can to raise as much money as possible!

So anyway, that's all my big news, so wish me luck and forgive me for not being online as much as I usually was! Thank you very much for listening, and I really hope that my maestro and I will come out with some really cool stuff. ALSO, I'm going to do a professional recording this Christmas, so I'm going to bring back some presents for all of you to enjoy! <3

Have fun, be safe, and have a VERY happy holiday!

-Lady Arsenic<3